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Bitter bankruptcy in the Derby

Bitter bankruptcy in the Derby

Disappointing 3-0 in local derby against SV Isinger

The team of head coach Peter Schäfer has to admit defeat to the relegated SV Isinger in the away duel with the local rival with 3-0 goals. This leaves the wolf pack with three important points in the final sprint of the season.

As the ESG, as the direct pursuer, also has to accept a defeat, the Freisenbrucher still have a lead of four points on seventh place in the standings, but gradually lose the connection to the top: The surprise team SV Leithe manage the next three-way against Teutonia Überruhr, whereby the team can book now already 49 points on its point account - with which the TC lies whole seven points in the back.

Used Sunday for the wolf pack

With a change in the line-up - instead of Marvin Schadhof, who had to pass at short notice in the warm-up, Dominik Ludat was in the starting eleven (successors through most nominations) - the coaching duo Schäfer and Elosgé sent their team into the match against local rivals SV Isinger according to the decision of the online managers. Despite the fact that SV Isinger, who are fourteenth in the standings, are only in relegation rank and thus in the midst of a relegation battle, it was already clear in advance that the derby factor would add to the tension. Nobody expected a self-runner at the TC, as head coach Schäfer expressly emphasized before the duel.

The hard court in the Krayer Stadium at Schönscheidstraße turned out to be satisfactorily playable despite the many rainfalls during the last days. As expected, the game developed into a fight-oriented one in which both teams lurked at first.

"It was clear to us in advance that our attitude, our fighting spirit would be important here. That's how we communicated it. In the derby against the highly committed Isinger, it's important to accept the duels and keep up with them," says Schäfer. "But all that didn't happen," the head coach is annoyed after the game.

On paper the first Derby half time was quite unspectacular. The first 45 minutes brought only a few goal-area scenes, which were often not played consistently enough on both sides to end in the end. Altogether not a very respectable Kreisliga game - both on the part of the home team and the guests.

The troop from the Bergmannsbusch made countless technical mistakes, the passing game also left much to be desired and did not improve with increasing play. Nevertheless, the game was open until the halftime whistle. Shortly before the break, the TC had a good move over the right side, the opportunity to steer the game on the road to success, but the Isinger goalkeeper thwarted the game.

TC Freisenbruch: Derby mode not switched on

With an unchanged score of 0-0, the match went into the half-time break without a goal. But even after the restart whistle, the freisenbruchers did not manage to improve their game. "In the second half, our game has become more and more unsightly. We did not succeed in implementing what we had set out to do before. Even the half-time break hasn't changed that," comments Schäfer.

On the contrary: While on the part of the Freisenbrucher little runs together and too many individual errors make a successful play flow nearly impossible, the home team succeeds in stabilizing itself. The first goal against the TC in the 53rd minute of play by the Isinger player with the number 17, Riccardo König must accept. A long, high ball on the left side can not prevent the Freisenbrucher defensive and the Isinger attacker leaves goalkeeper Haissam Issa no chance. 1-0 for the home team.

Ten minutes later the Isinger team scored the second goal in their own stadium: Dominik Bresslein scores the 2-0 with a penalty kick for his local rival Freisenbrucher (63.). In the 70th minute of play, Ilker Oruc adds the 3-0 and thus establishes the final score of the local derby.

"An absolutely disappointing game. It was a used Sunday for us," Schäfer concludes. It can only get better for the Freisenbrucher team. The TC expects a hard remaining program in the next weeks, in which the team must definitely present itself better, than in the local derby against SV Isinger.

  • 8. SUS Niederbonsfeld
  • 9. Spvg Schonnebeck II.
  • 10. TC Freisenbruch
  • 11. Teutonia Überruhr
  • 12. SV Leite 19/65
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