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Broke in Leithe

Broke in Leithe

4-1 Defeat: Mission "Away Victory in Leithe Failed"

After the Freisenbrucher were on the road to success in the last weeks, Peter Schäfer's team has to accept a clear defeat against SV Leithe on the 23rd matchday. The home team sends the Freisenbrucher boys home with a 4-1. With the victory Leithe passes the TC again and displaces the Freisenbrucher thereby again on the sixth rank. With 38 and 39 points respectively, both teams are still close together.

However, the result does not necessarily reflect the shown performance of the Freisenbrucher troop. "The result was deserved because we simply made too many individual mistakes. Otherwise we were the stronger team over long distances. But in the end, the goals scored and nothing else count, of course," said the head coach after the game.

The coaching duo had to change their offensive shortly before the start of the game: Due to the cancellation of Jörn Parakenings Sami Antonio slipped into the starting eleven. That Stränger, Maskow and Thomas, the other Freisenbrucher strikers, would have to pass on this matchday was already clear in the long run.

Freisenbruch: Not rewarded for good performance

The Freisenbrucher started the game well and showed a respectable performance. The goals were still scored by the SV: Two big individual failures of the TC Defensive used the Leither mercilessly to go 2-0 into the half-time. After 23 minutes, Ay Burak scored 1-0 for the home side, before Stanislav Danilov raised the score to 2-0 with the Leither's second shot just minutes before half-time. As annoying as the half-time result for the Freisenbrucher had to be, the SV Leithe can at least not be denied its maximum efficiency.

Despite the sobering halftime score, the coach duo succeed in the halftime break with a flaming halftime speech to send their team back to the competition for the away points bear strong. That something could still work here was not only obvious from the outside, even the Freisenbrucher boys on the square felt that the last word had not yet been spoken. For this, one would have to turn one's own superiority into something countable in order to relativize the backlog.

At first this seemed to succeed. "We put pressure on him. We really came back from the break a lot, so in the end it seemed like it was a matter of time before we scored the next goal. And so it was," Schäfer commented on the course of the game. After a good hour the wolf pack finally rewarded itself: Joel Feld scored in the 61st minute of the match the follow-up goal to 2-1. The game seemed to be completely open again, should the freisenbruchers succeed to keep up the pressure and press for the equalizer.

Individual mistakes make punk winning impossible

But as it is in football so the game then took a good 15 minutes later but again another turn. Another individual mistake on the part of the Freisenbrucher brought the decision: Once again Stanislav Danilov took advantage of the failure of the TC Defensive ice cold and restored the previous 2 goals lead. Discouragement on the Freisenbrucher side, cheers from the leaders. 3-1 after 77 minutes, the initial situation for the TC had deteriorated significantly. To spin the game within only 13 game minutes now would be difficult.

Nevertheless, the boys from the Bergmannsbusch did not give up and continued to play bravely forward. But with the time running out, the chance for the TC to at least win a draw decreased. When the Leither scored a free-kick into the Freisenbrucher goal in the 86th minute of play, the hope for a possible point was destroyed. At the final score of 4-1 I could not shake anymore with the best will in the world.

Hide result: Football performance gives hope

The better performance shown, the game determined and yet failed in itself. For the freisenbrucher at least regarding the result and the non-existent point yield a matchday to get used to. Nevertheless, the TC should try to pick up the good soccer performance in the next game and to reflect on its own strengths. Because against the strong FSV Kettwig there is certainly a lot of hard work waiting for the troop from the Bergmannsbusch. Against the third place in the standings, the Freisenbrucher will be dependent on their self-confidence accumulated over the last few weeks, despite their home advantage, if they want to continue to expand their home series and score important points.

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