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Let's go to Leithe!

Let's go to Leithe!

Will the Freisenbruchers manage their second away win against surprise team SV Leithe?

On the 23rd matchday the TC Freisenbruch will face the return match against the SV Leithe team trained by Günter Ermels. Already in the last season 2017 / 2018 the two teams played against each other in the Kreisliga Süd A. So the two opponents are not unknown to each other. And yet SV Leithe seems to have developed a lot compared to last season.

Where the Leither finished last season with a solid eleventh place in the standings, they are currently significantly higher up the standings. With strong performances, the team scored consistently and was able to establish itself provisionally in the upper third of the table. SV currently occupies sixth place in the league after losing 6-0 last weekend against leaders Werden Heidhausen.

As the Freisenbrucher team in Bergmannsbusch were able to win a threesome at the same time against their sport friends, the team of head coach Peter Schäfer passed SV Leithe for the first time this season. However, at the moment the teams are only two points apart, although SV Leithe played one game less than Freisenbrucher. Nevertheless, one can definitely say: A duel at eye level between two teams that are in direct competition for the top positions in the upper third of the table.

Looking back: Balance of the last three games

The statistics from the last three games are much more positive for the TC Freisenbruch than for the Leither: In three games the Bergmannsbusch squad left the field three times as winners. While last season it was enough for a 3-1 on the road, they defeated SV Leithe at home with 2-0.


And also in the first leg of the current season the Freisenbrucher had the successful end on their side: Both teams met at the end of September 2018 in Bergmannsbusch on the seventh matchday. After it looked like a rather safe game for the TC, where Sami Antonio (25th & 57th) and Jörn Parakenings (37th) scored a comfortable 3-0 lead on the home ashes, the game became exciting again. Two quick goals scored by SV in the last ten minutes of the match gave the match a real boost shortly before the end. But in the end Dirk Wipfler closed the bag for his team by pocketing 4-2.

Match at eye level: Exciting duel expected

However, as is well known, only in the rarest of cases does the game play according to the statistics, so the balance to date is not a free ticket for the TC! SV Leithe will not only be highly motivated to take revenge for the last three defeats, but will also not want to give up their good starting position for the final sprint of the season so easily.

What the Freisenbrucher have to oppose, will be shown on the course. It remains to be seen whether the away knot with the victory in BW Mintard for the wolf pack has actually completely burst. With a win in their back and a strong record of four wins in the last five games, the squad will be able to play SV Leithe away with a broad chest.

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  • 11. Teutonia Überruhr
  • 12. SV Leite 19/65
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