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Ready for the season finale?

Ready for the season finale?

The TC Freisenbruch will play in the ESG on the last matchday of Kreisliga Süd A

The last matchday for the teams of the Kreisliga A Süd is just around the corner next Sunday. The time until the end of the season has just passed by in the winter preparation. The teams have already played 29 games, the last three points will be awarded on the 30th matchday. However, many decisions have already been made before the last encounters.

However, both the master and the relegates are already certain. The fight for the relegation place has also been decided. With Werden Heidhausen, this year's champion has already been determined before the last matchday and can look forward to his promotion. SuS Haarzopf won the race for the runner-up title.

This year it was not enough for the second representative of BW Mintard, who last year was able to avert the relegation just before it was too close. With Fortuna Bredeney, the second relegation is also certain. The SV Isinger, on the other hand, has the chance to secure their place in the relegation game. However, with a gap of seven points, direct class retention is no longer possible.

Good starting position for the Freisenbrucher

The TC has nothing more to lose against the ESG - and can therefore play completely free. The wolf pack from the Bergmannsbusch can no longer take sixth place due to the four-point lead over the SF Niederwenigern II. One of the reasons for this was the glorious victory on the last matchday against leaders Heidhausen.

In purely arithmetical terms, the TC would even be in fifth place, but the team of head coach Peter Schäfer and co-trainer Ingo Elosgé is dependent on the help of the hair victims. The Haarzopf team will play their final game against SuS Niederbonsfeld, the current fifth-placed club. But even in the case of a defeat of the Niederbonsfelder competition, the Freisenbrucher would first have to break in a threesome to get the chance on the fifth rank. A point division, however, would not be sufficient due to the two points backlog, in order to preserve the possibility to move up one rank.

Possibly the away knot will burst again at the season finale when the season starts...I wish the team that played such great gigs in their home Waldstadion at least.

ESG: History against the Essen-based company gives cause for hope

The Freisenbrucher have already played four games against the ESG since the 16/17 season - three of them won, once there was a point division between the teams. In the 16/17 Circle Cup, a clear 3-0 victory was achieved, while last season 17/18 saw a home win in the Waldstadion (3-1) and a draw in the ESG (2-2) on paper.

In the first half of the current season there was a narrow 3-2 victory for the Freisenbrucher. After the home side took the lead with Steve Feind (3.) and Kevin Maskow (24.), the ESG's follow-up goal by Jan Bowinkelmann (35. ) made it exciting again. The 3-1 then brought the Freisenbrucher attacker Maskow (67) again, but the ESG didn't get up and came back with Mehdi Hamadi (88). In the end, the TC won the game in the Bergmannsbusch, albeit very close.

However, the overall balance speaks very clearly for the TC, so that a successful conclusion of the season seems anything but absurd. With the victory against Master Heidhausen, the Freisenbrucher can also run with a broad chest in the ESG, after all, as one of only three teams they have managed to take points from the Werdeners.

Characteristic for the season: personnel worries and weakness abroad

The personnel situation of the Freisenbrucher squad is again questionable. In all probability, the trainer duo around Elosgé and Schäfer will again have little choice and no lavishly occupied bench at their disposal.

In addition, there is the supposed weakness of the Freisenbrucher in the outside world. The team showed two different faces throughout the season. A look at the home and away scoreboards makes this more than clear: the Freisenbrucher squad was able to win 14 of 15 games on the home ashes, once it was only enough for one point division. The Freisenbrucher remain undefeated throughout the season. The team scored 43 of the 48 points in the Bergmannsbusch.

Outside, on the other hand, it looks much less rosy. Only one win and two draws will get the team away. An away-three on the last matchday would not only be very desirable for the points account, but also as a season end of course and a much nicer season end than another failure.

The match against the ESG will take place on Sunday 2 June at the Dinnendahlstraße sports field. This is the last meeting of the Freisenbrucher team in the current season 2018 / 2019. Although the team of head coach Schäfer has nothing more to lose, the team will certainly try again to get everything out to finish the season with a success. The meeting will start at 15.30 hrs.

  • 8. SUS Niederbonsfeld
  • 9. Spvg Schonnebeck II.
  • 10. TC Freisenbruch
  • 11. Teutonia Überruhr
  • 12. SV Leite 19/65
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