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>>Satisfied despite defeat<

>>Satisfied despite defeat<

Start of Winter Preparation: Freisenbrucher are subject to Mülheimer A-Ligists SV Heißener with 3-1

While Chief Coach Peter Schäfer together with the board members Gerrit Kremer and Peter Wingen represents the TC Freisenbruch in the Middle Kingdom at the ISPO Beijing with his own booth, his team under the direction of Co-Coach Ingo Elosgé denies his first game in preparation for the upcoming second round of the Kreisliga Süd A.

First opponent of the Freisenbrucher: A-Ligist SV Heißen from the neighboring city

On the artificial turf pitch of the SV Heißen referee Sven Terwolbeck whistled in bright sunshine and freezing cold at 14.30 the match. The boys of TC Freisenbruch got a good start into the game. Already in the third minute of the match Kevin Maskow scored 1-0. He put his team in a good starting position at an early stage of the game.

After the leading goal, the Freisenbrucher continued to show good moves and tactically stood well. "In the first half, a game at eye level developed very quickly," commented coach Elosgé. The Freisenbrucher striker with the number 17, who had already provided the lead, had two more chances to score in the following minutes after considerable, well played chances. "Those were actually two hundred percent things, so we could have raised our lead a lot!".

But also the hot ones did not let up, the guests from the Bergmannsbusch demanded likewise by good play moves and worked out themselves likewise the one or other goal chance. Nevertheless, the Freisenbrucher entered the half time with an intermediate score of 0-1. Both teams used the break to make a double change. For the Freisenbrucher Marvin Schadhof and Tim Stränger left the place. Newcomers to the game were Cristian Brangenberg, who played his first minutes in the TC jersey, and Alexander Zang. Elosgé thus reoccupied the central six-man positions.

In the second half, the forces slacken off.

The hot guys scored the equalizer in the 68th minute to 1-1 by the player with the number 25, Lukas Greeff. Shortly thereafter Elosgé changed again: Heiko Basel had to leave the field stricken (68th). For him Kuvintham Yogarathnam came into the game. "In the end, we realized we were a little short of grains. The Mülheimers have been in the preparation a bit longer and were superior to us conditionally in the second half of the game," said Elosgé.

So the Freisenbrucher had to accept by a double strike of Jan Vielhaber further two counter goals to 2-1 and to the final score of 3-1 (78. and 87.).

"Overall our performance here was satisfactory. We can definitely build on the first half's performance, we've already seen some very good moves," said Elosgé optimistically after the final whistle. "It was clear that we still had to work on our fitness, after all we just started preparing again this week. But this is where we will start now and get back to our level. Then a game like this ends differently. But we can live well with the 3-1."

Despite the defeat the TC Freisenbruch shows a promising performance at the beginning of the winter preparation. It is now up to the team to continue this performance in the coming weeks.

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