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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Teutonia as a guest in the bush

Teutonia as a guest in the bush

The next Freisenbrucher opponent is a well-known rival from the ascent season.

When the game between the hosts in Green, the TC Freisenbruch, and the guests from Überruhr in the Waldstadion is kicked off next week, the second half of the season is already in full swing again. The 20th match day is already on for the teams from the Kreisliga A Süd. That leaves eleven games to play. A maximum of 33 points are still to be awarded.

On Sunday the current seventh (29 points) and the current tenth place club will duel with the TC from Überruhr on the Freisenbrucher ashes. Both teams are anything but unknown to each other...

Teutonia Überruhr: Well-known rival from the Freisenbrucher ascent season

The team coached then as now by Franco Di Felice was in 2017 the worst pursuer and biggest competitor of the Freisenbrucher in the fight for the advancement from the Kreisliga B to the Kreisliga A. Although the TC finally managed to distance itself clearly (11 points lead), both teams delivered hot duels in the course of the season.

And despite the fact that it was not enough for Überruhr, who ultimately had to be satisfied with the runner-up championship, to make it to the top, they (apparently) continued to work consistently there. Because the next attempt led to success: In an exciting duel with SV Isinger, who is also a member of the Freisenbrucher squad, Überruhr was just ahead in the end. The goal ratio was much better than the score on the same point and decided the award of the championship trophy after Überruhr.

Does the second leg offer as much excitement as the first half?

After a break of one year the two Essen competitors meet again in the Kreisliga A Süd. And the first leg was already a tough one: the spectators at the district sports complex were able to cheer six goals at once - four of them on the home side.

The game gave a lot of excitement. After Überruhr had taken the lead early, Jörn Parakenings put the goal into perspective and scored 1-1. Shortly before the break, however, Überruhr went into the half-time break with a tight lead. Even after the restart it went on cheerfully, the two teams gave each other nothing. After Überruhr initially increased to 3-1, Kevin Maskow scored the next goal in the immediate countermove. For a long time everything seemed possible in the game, until Teutonia closed the bag with the fourth goal only a few minutes before the end.

If both teams present themselves in the return match not only footballerisch, but above all also regarding their fighting spirit and employment will similarly strongly, the spectators expect in the Bergmannsbusch surely a considerable game.

The current table situation: Teutonia Überruhr

As the tenth place winner Teutonia is not bad at the moment. Comfortable nine points already separate them from the relegation zone. The second promoted SV Isinger has been in a much worse situation so far. The team currently occupies 14th place and thus the relegation place. Furthermore, Überruhr only played 18 games instead of 19, as the match against SC Werden Heidhausen planned for last weekend could not take place.

Thanks to the cancellation of the game and the carnival weekend Di Felice's team took an unintentionally long break. Most recently, they competed at SuS Haarzopf on 24 February, where they suffered a clear 6-1 defeat against third place. It is difficult to estimate in which form the Teutonia will now run up in the Bergmannsbusch.

The current table situation: TC Freisenbruch

After the second defeat this year against the team from Niederwenigern the Freisenbrucher slide after a short excursion on rank six (by the victory against Burgaltendorf II) on the seventh table place. Niederwenigern manage to pass the TC for the time being by winning the direct duel, but so far only due to the better goal ratio. Both teams still have the same number of points (both 29 points).

However, up to fourth place the jump is somewhat bigger: SuS Niederbonsfeld currently ranks here with 34 points. On the other hand, a look down shows how tight it is in the middle of the table. Only six points lie between rank six and rank twelve.

Can the TC continue its usual home strength?

The gap between the two duelists in this weekend's match is even smaller: Only two points currently separate the rivals from each other. If the TC succeeds in winning another trio at home, the team trained by Schäfer could play out a lead over the Teutonia. In the event of a defeat, however, Überruhr would even pass by the freisenbruchers.

Not only the recent history of the two clubs brings additional tension to the encounter. Also the way in which both teams played the first leg, makes desire on a hard fought but fair duel .

The game will take place on Sunday, 17 March in the Waldstadion Bergmannsbusch. The whistle's at 11:00.

  • 8. SUS Niederbonsfeld
  • 9. Spvg Schonnebeck II.
  • 10. TC Freisenbruch
  • 11. Teutonia Überruhr
  • 12. SV Leite 19/65
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