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The knot just has to burst!

The knot just has to burst!

Part 4 - The current season: Great goals for the second half of the season

The preparation plan for the second round has already taken concrete shape in recent weeks. The training kick-off in 2019 is planned for 15 January. The team of coaches around co-coach Ingo Elosgé and head coach Peter Schäfer has a good four weeks time to prepare his team for the match against Burgaltendorf II. On February 17th, the TC will be using the 2019 season opener for the first away trio of the current season - and thus get itself a good start into the new year.

A look at the preparation plan shows: This won't be a piece of cake for the Freisenbrucher boys! The team completes five test matches within the four weeks of preparation. A tight program.

With sixth place, the TC currently occupies a place in the upper middle field of the table, within reach of the upper third of the table. Nevertheless, the midfield of the table has so far been very close together and even one result can be decisive in this sense. In order to continue to be at the top it is therefore necessary to score constantly - in the ideal case not only at home!

We have already talked in detail about the first half of the season already behind you. Now the view goes rather into the future. What are your plans for the second half of the season? Sporty, but maybe also next to the field?

Our season goals for sport remain unchanged. Of course, in the course of the second half of the season it is always important to put up a strong team for the coming season. So we have some homework to do.

What are the weaknesses to be particularly focused on?

Of course we also want to improve our external balance. If the conditions in the winter and the number of injured allow it, then we have to deliver more soccer again.

Burst a knot out of here? That's a headache!

Head coach Schäfer on the black away series of the TC

How do you as a trainer team want to make sure that the black away series finally travels after the winter break?

Of course it's a headache. You're gonna have to break a knot. Everybody knows that. We have the potential to take something away from every opponent on the road.

Fraid that the two are naturally related: What is more important for you personally at the end, a season in which you have presented yourselves satisfactory or the position in the table?

I can't say that in general. Both are important to me.

Let's have a closer look at the preparation plan for the winter break:

Three A-Ligists, one district league club and one C-Ligist. At first sight this looks like a quite different mix of opponents. How do you rate that?

That's how it should be. You also want to try different things and approaches. Also test different personnel etc.

We want to use the winter preparation to try out ourselves further.

Peter Shepherd

Where do you choose your opponents, is it mainly about the sporting challenge or do you also play other aspects into the decision?

Partially also quite banal things. Sometimes you simply have a personal contact and sometimes you still have a bill open :-) We have to do something good against RWE II.

At the beginning it goes against the M?lheimer A-Ligisten SV Heißen, which occupies at present the sixth place in the M?lheimer group. Are you expecting an opponent at eye level?

I don't know the team, but I expect a strong opponent.

You will be much more challenged against Heisinger SV, who last season advanced confidently to the district league (and also scored twice against the TC 4-0 & 4-1). What is the attraction of such a test game?

We want to know where we stand and must also test against such opponents. In the past, we have already been able to look good against various district league clubs.

The TC has the possibility of revenge against the A-League promoted VfB Frohnhausen, who is currently ranked eighth in the northern group. In the summer there was a clear 1-5 defeat in the Bergmannsbusch. What are your chances this time?

The game back then was tighter than the result says. Nevertheless you are right, we want to present ourselves better in this game than in the summer.

With the A-Ligist from the northern group, you will also face Prussia Essen, a well-known opponent of winter preparation (2017 3-1, 2018 0-0), before you will have to face a classically lower opponent again at the end. RWE II plays in Kreisliga C. Last season they finished sixth in their season. In the summer preparation you lost against this team with 2-1. This time we should surely win to be able to start the year with a good feeling at Burgaltendorf?

In any case, even in a test game you don't like to lose. RWE II plays two classes among us, so we have to have the right to win. There is a personal contact to Prussia Essen, and of course it's nice to play there regularly to be able to classify the test games more easily. So far we have always been able to present ourselves quite well there.

For the second half of the season we hope for less injuries!

Head Coach Schäfer

In light of your previous performance, the games you've already played and the strength of your competitors: How do you rate the strength of your own team, where can you land at the end of the season?

I think it should be a single-digit place in the standings in any case, because that would also help us achieve our goal for the season. But after 5th place last season, I don't think anyone would mind if we did the same. If we are spared from injuries as far as possible, then we can always and everywhere get something in the league.

A prognosis would be much too early at this point in time!

Schäfer on a possible increase of the self-imposed seasonal targets

Is the season goal of the single-digit table position still displayed or would you lean out of the window so far as to correct it upwards?

I don't see any reason to change it now. There are still so many games ahead that we have to play successfully to confirm the current rank at all.

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