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"They screwed it up."

Interview with head coach Peter Schäfer

After the bitter bankruptcy in the local derby, head coach Peter Schäfer looks for explanations for the defeat against SV Isinger in an interview. On the 26th matchday, the team from Bergmannsbusch was sent home 3-0 by its neighbour who was threatened with relegation.

Hello Peter! Is the disappointment still so great one day after the game?

Yes, definitely. I am incredibly sorry for our viewers that we made such a weak performance abroad again. I am very disappointed with the performance.

What weighs heavier: the derbypleite or the lost three points in the league race?

Both come together. We could have secured 6th place and screwed it up.

Through the bank away too little!

Peter Shepherd

After the final whistle you have already mentioned the non-existent fighting attitude. With some distance: Which concrete factors led to the defeat?

We surrendered to fate in the second half. I can't accept that like this. As a trainer, I expect more rebellion from each individual in such a situation. That was simply due to the bank too little. Only Haisam in the goal you can perhaps exclude.

Why didn't the team manage to push themselves into combat mode and give everything? Why was it that the derbyspirit was simply not there?

I can't say for sure. It started before the game. Marvin Schadhof had to pass when warming up because of thigh pain. After that I had the feeling that many people's heads were already going down. Marvin is important for us, but we already played good games without him and won.

What reaction do you now expect from your team?

full throttle in training and a performance increase against Holsterhausen, compared to the last two performances.

Do you think the team can shake off the disappointment in time for the next game, or do you still fear long-term after-effects?

I hope for a more defiant reaction.

Any black talk doesn't help - new matchday, new luck. What is your motto for the last remaining encounters? How do you play the last games?

This week we're only looking at Holsterhausen. We want to get a threesome on Sunday and stay undefeated in the bush.

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