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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
4-0 defeat: thick damper

4-0 defeat: thick damper

Freisenbrucher troop leaves no chance for second place in away duel

The TC Freisenbruch had set himself a lot of goals for the match against the runners-up: With great ambitions and the hope of an away three-way finish, the team travelled to Haarzopf on the 28th matchday of the South A Kreisliga to tie three important points to potential runners-up SuS Haarzopf. However, the home team of coach Andreas Höbusch quickly missed the big freisenbrucher's goal with a good damper. Already after 15 minutes the hair victim player with the number 7, Tim Leding, brought his team 1-0 into the lead. And the first goal against the Haarzopfer three more goals in the further course of the game followed.

Strong hair sacrifices ensure clear conditions at an early stage

"Three important points to keep sixth place in the table." This was the target of the Freisenbrucher coaching team before the duel against Haarzopf. But it wasn't only the Freisenbrucher coaching duo who knew that it wouldn't be an easy game against the current runners-up, who are aspiring to the runners-up title. Nevertheless, the troop from the Bergmannsbusch did not of course compete to lose, as head coach Peter Schäfer emphasized again in the interview before the game.

However, good will and motivation alone are not always enough to win a game at the end. The hair victims presented themselves in their home stadium according to their rank in the table. They made it clear from the outset that the fight to defend the runners-up championship was still a big one for them as well, and that they wouldn't even let you lose their points at home. With the early lead they quickly ensured clear conditions on their own lawn.

Freisenbrucher first-round victory had brought hope

The Freisenbruchers had managed a 2-0 victory in the first half of the season in their native Bergmannsbusch - which, from TC's point of view, had certainly raised the realistic hope of a successful outcome. But it seems that the Bergmannsbusch squad will not be able to overcome their weakness on the road this season. Once again, the TC presented itself much weaker in the away duel than against the same opponent in the Bergmannsbusch.

After Haarzopfer Leding had already put his team in a good starting position with his 1-0 goal after the first quarter of an hour played, Malte Neumann managed to raise the score to 2-0 after another ten minutes (25th). Thus the hair victims were comfortably in the lead before the halftime whistle.

Half-time break does not bring the hoped-for turnaround

At the break the coach duo decided to bring Elosgé and Schäfer with Colin Thomas a fresh offensive strength. For him, Kuvinthan Yogarathnam left the game after 45 minutes. Nevertheless, a similar picture emerged after the break as before: The Freisenbrucher tried to prove themselves against the strong hair sacrifices, but the countable did not jump out. Also the further changes (73rd minute: Kevin Maskow for Maurice Peus and 76th minute: Peter Schäfer for Steve Feind) did not bring the hoped for turnaround.

On the contrary, the Haarzopfer left no doubt about their ambitions to win by adding the 3-0 to Malte Neuman's scoring list (76th), the second time he had been on the scoring list. Only a few minutes later Marius Rotter scored the fourth Haarzopfer goal in the 81st minute, which also sealed the final score of the game.

Putting your head in the sand won't help!

With the victory on the 28th matchday, the Haarzopfer team has achieved its first victory against TC Freisenbruch since 2007. Since the direct Freisenbrucher pursuer SF Niederwenigern scored a 3-3 against FC Kray II, the sports fans move one point closer to the Freisenbrucher team. The two teams are still separated by four points, and the Freisenbrucher still have it in their hands to defend sixth place in the table on their own. Since the next matchday will be against the champion team Werden Heidhausen, the team will have to adjust once again to a difficult match and a strong opponent.

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