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4-7 at the ESG: Furious season finale

4-7 at the ESG: Furious season finale

Freisenbrucher finish Kreisliga season with goal-rich away victory

In the last season meeting of the Kreisliga 2018 / 2019 season, the two ESG teams and the Freisenbrucher from Bergmannsbusch offered their spectators a real goal spectacle: A total of eleven goals were scored in the 90 minutes of play. The Freisenbrucher had the better end on their side. With 4-7 they scored the last three possible points of the playing time.

With that the Freisenbrucher team actually manages the jump to fifth place in the table - because SuS Niederbonsfeld against strong hair victims does not exceed a 4-0 bankruptcy. An away victory, a goal spectacle for the spectators and a fifth place for the Freisenbrucher troop - the last matchday can be described as successful through and through.

Flat first half with unnecessary conceded goals

However, the start of the game looked much less brilliant than the whole thing reads on paper. After Aiman Ibrahim had to take the first yellow card of the game in the 11th minute, the first goal of the game was scored in the 14th minute by Alexander Zang.

In the direct countermove, however, the opponent was given the chance to equalize immediately on the silver platter. Schevan Rascho accepted this with his goal to 1-1 gratefully then also gratefully. After the first quarter of an hour played, it was 1-1 in the stadium of ESG.

For Michel Buschmann, who returned to the court after his fibula fracture, it was unfortunately only enough for a short mission, contrary to expectations. "Unfortunately, we had to replace him early due to the injury. This was the first game on artificial turf for him and he has not yet felt as comfortable on the pitch as we had hoped before the game," said head coach Schäfer commenting on the early change. For him Kuvinthan Yogarathnam came into the game.

Bushman immediately took the yellow card (23.) before his substitution, and only a few minutes later Kuvi, who had only just substituted, also took a warning from the referee (28.).

Timo Konkowski, the opponent's attacker with the number seven on his jersey, added to the unsatisfactory first half for Freisenbrucher with his leading goal for the home team. After a good half hour of play, he scored to 2-1 and thus caused Freisenbrucher to lag behind, with which the team from Bergmannsbusch went into the half-time break.

Two more changes in the half-time

In the half time the coach team around Peter Schäfer and Ingo Elosgé made two more changes. "Aiman Ibrahim had thigh problems, for him we sent Sami Antonio into the game. We brought Dominik Ludat to Daniel Heising, who was also unable to continue due to injury and groin problems," Schäfer explains the double change at halftime. This also resulted in the system change of the TC: With a 4-4-2 it went back to the course.

With it, the Freisenbrucher had already exhausted their switching contingent early on in roaring heat. Now we had to hold out for the eleven men on the field! The switch to the double attack seemed to do the Freisenbrucher game good, however. It only took Sami Antonio a good five minutes to score his first goal after he came into the game. After 51 minutes it was 2-2, the guests were back, the match was open again.

"I think the system change was the sticking point today!"

After the equaliser to 2-2, the guest team only needed ten minutes to turn the game around. With Sami Antonio's first goal, the Freisenbrucher turned up the heat: Joel Feld scored the leading goal to 2-3 in the 54th minute, only two minutes later Sami Antonio scored his second goal to 2-4 (56th).

Second half: goals like on an assembly line

However, the substitute Antonio was far from finished. With a comfortable 2-goal lead it could now be played much more liberated, and so the Freisenbrucher came into play better and better. In the 73rd minute of play the 2-5 fell on the part of the Freisenbrucher. Antonio's third goal in less than 25 minutes. And Kevin Maskow didn't miss the chance to be on the scoring list on the last matchday. The attacker with the number 18 on the jersey contributed the hit to 2-6 (75.)

Now also the opponent was allowed to ran again. Jan-Lukas Lippeck scored 3-6 in the 76th minute for the ESG. However, before a glimmer of hope turned into a threat, Antonio's fourth goal in the second half ten minutes from time went 3-7 and left no doubt about the Freisenbrucher visitors' victory. The final point, however, was set by the ESG, who scored a penalty goal to score 4-7.

"With the victory against the ESG we can at least thank our loyal fans again. Especially those, who accompanied us to the ESG again today despite our bad away balance, have perhaps got their money's worth through our performance especially in the second half", said Schäfer after the match.

Two victories: Positive season end

"Start the summer break with a good feeling" - that's what the Freisenbrucher can do after their victory against champions Werden Heidhausen and their away success against ESG. Because SuS Niederbonsfeld also failed in the last game of the season, it is even enough to finish the season - as last year, by the way - on fifth place in the table.

With 51 points, a goal ratio of 74:80 and a record of 16 wins, 3 draws and 11 defeats, the team from Bergmannsbusch is now saying goodbye to the summer break - to attack even harder next year.

Plans for next season already in full swing

After the game, Kuvi Yogarathnam and Heiko Basel were also retired as active players. Both will change to the Ü32 of the TC Freisenbruch, but will also remain in the team's support staff. The squad for next season will thus remain completely together - certainly an extraordinary situation in which not a single player wants to leave the club. That speaks for itself...

Maurice Peus received the title of Player of the Year, an award given by online managers. Peus and Daniel Heising have the most frequent TC jersey times this season, with 37 appearances. As an absolute team player with a good eye, he is distinguished among other things by the 17 goals he has scored over the course of the season. Also in the completed training sessions he shows untiring commitment and ranks third behind Issa and Enemy. After Steve Feind in 2017 and Kevin Maskow in 2018, Peus will be the third Freisenbrucher player of the year to be democratically selected by the online managers for this title. Congratulations!

Outlook for the next four weeks - and the new season

For the Freisenbrucher it goes to the appropriate season conclusion now next weekend to the team trip to Mallorca. Together with the second team, the guys from the TC will make a big splash there.

On June 15th, the next official date for the team will be the stair run in the Ruhr Tower, before the first training session for the season preparation starts again on July 9th. On 10 July the first test match against the regional league team Wattenscheid 09 will take place. From the 12th to the 14th of July the team will go to the training camp at the North Sea.

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