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A lot has happend

A lot has happend

Part 2 - The second half of 2018: Season end in fifth place in the table

As a promoted team, the first team of TC Freisenbruch managed to secure a strong fifth place in the Kreisliga A last season. If the Freisenbrucher still occupied rank nine after the twentieth play day, the team catapulted itself by a strong final spurt and good results on the last ten play days still into the upper Tabellendrittel.

Despite their great success, some team members left the Freisenbrucher squad in the summer. Among the departures was Cristian Cronberger, the previous high performer, who left for SpVgg Steele. Benjamin Boateng, Quendrim Kuci, Kieran Simpson, Elias Windscheid and Oliver Hesseling also decided not to wear the Freisenbrucher coat of arms on their breasts.

In the year-end interview, head coach Peter Schäfer reviews the past year once again.

One could hardly have wished for a better start than the direct ascent right in the first season after you launched the concept of the online community at TC Freisenbruch. On the other hand, you set your own bar pretty high. Last season you were promoted to a strong fifth place. Have you lived up to the expectations of your manager?

You'd have to ask the managers. In any case, I believe that we can be quite satisfied with the development of sports in general.

At the beginning of the 2017/2018 season you were still the sports director of the TC and together with the community you put together the squad. Did you expect before the beginning of the season that it could be enough for a place in the upper third of the table?

We had set our sights on 6th place in the table, in the end we finished 5th. We had thus achieved our goal for the season. Of course you don't set yourself a 6th place goal if you don't have the guts.

How much has this success also influenced the demands on the current season's performance? Officially, you have a single-digit table position as your season goal...

With Christian Cronberger and Oliver Hesseling we also lost two absolute top performers. And our squad has also become somewhat smaller in width, because the total of six departures was only offset by four new arrivals. Unfortunately we had very bad luck with our injuries, but we are still on course to reach our goal for the season.

You had to accept some departures during the summer break, some of which were unexpected. Are long-term gaps still noticeable?

Of course we miss the boys. We lost players who were higher class before their time in the bush.

The team spirit and the team spirit were great in the last season. Many players have also spent time together off the pitch, and there have been numerous team events. Was that one of the factors for your success?

That is still the case. We don't pay any money, and unlike our neighbor clubs, we also play on ashes. There you must have a large cohesion, otherwise you can pack up as a club.

The TC Freisenbruch lives from its cohesion

Peter Shepherd

How does it look in this respect in the current squad, the mood here is still good?

Yes, the atmosphere in the 1st and also in the 2nd team is great, so there is still the TC Freisenbruch.

How closely do sporting success go hand in hand with a corresponding mood and team spirit in the team?

It is of course a factor, but you always need the appropriate quality on the pitch. You don't score with singing and clapping either. But in the decisive moments you might take the one step more necessary for a good buddy on the court to support him.

What is your philosophy as a coach in this regard? Where do you set your priorities: sporting competition or team spirit?

Both are important if you want to succeed. Of course, the sporting competition has suffered a lot recently from the many injuries. In the Kreisliga and in our environment the team spirit weighs there surely still more heavily at the moment, but nevertheless both remain important.

How difficult is the balancing act between the two factors? A mix of both aspects seems to be the key to success, but how hard do you personally find it to communicate this to the team?

The players tick very differently and also the self-perception and the ambition are very different. There are players who are always there and give full throttle, but can still sit on the bench and spread a positive mood. Every team needs these players. For the first time completely detached from the sporting qualities.

After you had a weak first round away, as in the current season, this has improved significantly in the second half of 2018. Which strengths have distinguished the squad of the past season?

In the second half of the season, it was a big plus that the team had their goal for the season until the last matchday, while you had the feeling that other teams were already dealing with the summer break. Of course this speaks absolutely for our boys and I hope that we will see it again in 2019.

Where are the advantages of your current squad compared to last season and what do you (still) miss from the things that have distinguished you in the past season?

We lack especially the header strength and the presence of players like Cronberger or Hesseling. But we have also eliminated an old weakness by finally winning alternatives for the left outer lane with Sami Antonio and Dennis Schwager. Until the summer we were very thinly staffed there with Tim Stränger (rupture of the cruciate ligament), Joel Feld (broken foot) and Maurice Verfürden.

A lot has changed in the TC over the past year.

Peter Shepherd

To come back to the last end of the season: Your overall conclusion - more than satisfied with the first season as A-Ligist?

Yes, it's not just the sports that you have to look at. We've also had the most spectators in the league, increased our membership, the online team managers have become more, we've pushed new things in the club, like the New Year's Reception and and and and...

Zum Saisonabschluss sicherte sich der TC Freisenbruch mit einem 5-0 Erfolg über SuS Niederbonsfeld den 5ten Tabellenplatz

Part 1 - Review: From sports director to head coach http://www.tc-freisenbruch.de/grosses-interview-zum-jahresabschluss/790.html

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