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"A proper test"

Against VfB Frohnhausen II, the TC is leading for a long time and takes the equalizer late.

In accordance with the decision of the team manager's lineup vote, the TC Freisenbruch was launched today, Sunday, at the second representation of VfB Frohnhausen. With the number one in goal, Haissam Issa, Brangenberg, Feind, Winter and Machon in the chain of four, before that the two central sixes Schadhof and Zang, in the offensive Stränger, Peus, Parakenings and the central striker Machon in the attack it went for the TC in the given 4-2-3-1 system on the place.

The trainer team did not only follow the democratic management decision, but also saw the own constellation recommendation by the team managers almost completely considered. Only one change of position was made by the managers: Oliver Machon played as right defender instead of in central defense as suggested by the head coach. Instead, Sven Winter began next to Steve enemy in the headquarters.

"A good decision of the managers. We delivered a very respectable first half and were very safe behind", Schäfer comments on the decision of the online community.

Safe defensive performance: TC hardly allows scoring chances

After the test match against Heisinger SV scheduled last Thursday had to be cancelled due to the current weather conditions (the place in Heisingen was not playable), the Freisenbrucher had to use today's opportunity all the more: "Collect playing practice and get into shape", head coach Peter Schäfer had formulated his goals in advance.

Kevin Maskow already struck in the third minute of the match after a good presentation by Jörn Parakenings in front of the opposing goal. 0-1 lead for the guests from the Bergmannsbusch - a lightning start for the Freisenbrucher! Throughout the first half, the Freisenbrucher allowed only one goal chance for the opponents. "Overall, the game was a game with very few goalscoring scenes - on both sides. We could have scored a second goal, but we were very happy with the lead at halftime at that time."

After a few minutes of the second half, the Freisenbrucher made a double change, but retained their basic formation. New to the game was Colin Thomas, for whom Jörn Parakenings cleared his position in the right midfield. Shepherd Sami sent Antonio into the encounter for the unerring Maskow.

Despite the double change, the free breakers seemed to continue their game. The Freisenbrucher troop stood safe behind, left little room for the opponent and prevented early the occurrence of dangerous situations before the gate of Issa.

10 minutes of disorder: Frohnhausen uses weak phase of Freisenbrucher

"Between the 70th and the 80th minute we lost a little order in our game. Partly also due to individual mistakes in the defensive. At that time Frohnhausen put a lot of pressure on the team and pushed for compensation. Then, of course, you get the return coach for not having converted your possibilities into a higher leadership before," Schäfer says after the final whistle.

The weakest phase of the Freisenbrucher used the Frohnhausener number 19, Fabian Stolle, to achieve the equalizing goal for his team to 1-1.

A few minutes later the Freisenbrucher team started again, but the game didn't seem to pick up speed anymore. "The last few minutes, the game's been rippling a little."

Below the line, however, the freisenbrucher can be satisfied with the performance shown. "We would have had to increase our lead to two goals to win," says Schäfer, who, however, is satisfied and talks of a "proper test". "A clear increase to the 5-1 defeat in the summer preparation and a respectable appearance at the present time of our preparation".

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