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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Bankruptcy at the beginning of the year

Bankruptcy at the beginning of the year

Disillusionment at TC Freisenbruch: 4-1 defeat against Burgaltendorf II

Before the match against SV Burgaltendorf, head coach Peter Schäfer actually had a good feeling: "We trained well during the week. We were aware that with Burgaltendorf we had no easy opponent in front of our chest. But actually I was in a positive mood."

In bright sunshine and spring-like temperatures, referee Francisco Dorado - Ortiz whistled the match on time at 10.30 a.m.. On the artificial turf pitch in Burgaltendorf, the weather conditions were at least ideal for both teams. Otherwise, however, the Freisenbrucher's starting position was unexpectedly modest: The coach team around Schäfer and Elosgé had to compensate three cancellations at short notice. Instead of a broad squad, the TC had to arrive with only two substitutes.

Thinly occupied bank is not the decisive factor!

Peter Shepherd

"Of course, this is not optimal and, especially against the background of the personnel worries with which we had to struggle constantly in the first half of the season, it is also a burden. However, the thinned out squad was not decisive for the outcome of the game today," Schäfer said after the game.

At first the game was relatively open. Both teams had some chances, on both sides there were some goal area scenes. In the first minutes the attacks were not played consistently enough to the end, so that the game remained goalless at first.

Whoever scores the first goal, wins the game as well.

Peter Shepherd

"I quickly had the feeling that the first goal could be decisive for the game, that the team would win with the first goal in the end. And so it was in the end...If we had taken the lead in the first few minutes, we might have been able to get more," says head coach Peter Schäfer.

In the 25th minute of play the free breakers switched too late into the backward movement. The TC could not prevent the Burgaltendorfer from entering from the right outer edge of the field. The cross came unhindered into the five-meter room of the Freisenbrucher, where Marc Putzer was already expecting the cross and unspectacularly netted the 1-0 lead for the home team.

The 2-0 followed only five minutes later after a very similar attack by the Burgaltendorfer. Once again, the Freisenbrucher Defensive failed to stop the move and the right wing entry. This time the pass went towards the penalty spot. The Freisenbrucher midfield, however, had moved up too late and could not prevent Felix Timmers from scoring from the half-field. After only half an hour the TC is already two goals behind.

It took the Freisenbrucher ten minutes to recover from the second goal. Then Jörn Parakenings added a nice kick to the 2-1 (40th). The following goal just before the break might have turned the tide for the TC if Burgaltendorf hadn't restored the old two-gate lead just before the break whistle: After a flat entry from the right, the Freisenbrucher Defensive did not manage to clear the ball. The confusion in the penalty area of the Freisenbrucher Keepers Issa could finally use Jan Baumann and brought his team with 3-1 in the lead (44.).

To get something today we would have had to defend better!

Peter Shepherd

"Sometimes we also had a bit of bad luck, among other things with the batten goal...But Burgaltendorf could have certainly also scored one or the other goal more. We must definitely acknowledge the leiustung of the opponent. A well-deserved victory for Burgaltendorf", Schäfer concludes.

And Burgaltendorf was not long to ask even after the restart. In the 51st minute of play, the landlord closed the sack. After a corner, Marc Putzer headed 4-1 and the match was more or less over. In the second half of the game, Burgaltendorf did not let anything burn any more and secured the threesome on the home course. They returned the favor for the 4-1 victory of the Freisenbrucher in the first leg in October 2018.

In the 75th minute of the game, coach Schäfer took the only Freisenbrucher scorer of the match from the field, for him Dennis Schwager came into the game. In the 80th minute Colin Thomas made room for Dominik Ludat. Thus the change capacities of the freisenbrucher were ready exhausted, at the score the changes changed nothing more.

"Overall this was a deserved defeat. Our defensive performance was simply not enough to take points with us, we have to work on that," the head coach concluded.

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