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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Everything on victory against hair plait?!

Everything on victory against hair plait?!

Freisenbrucher start with duel against runners-up in the final stage of the smash hit

Final phase at its peak: The teams still have three games in front of them in the Kreisliga A Süd. For the TC Freisenbruch, SuS Haarzopf's next opponent is a real chunk, before it then becomes at least as difficult against the already established champion and promoted Werden-Heidhausen. While the team of head coach Peter Schäfer Heidhausen receives the players at home in Bergmannsbusch and is able to bet on their so far white vest in the bush, they first have to play against Haarzopf as well as against ESG at the end of the season.

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Secure down, attack up again?!

Despite the good remaining program, the TC Freisenbruch has to do everything again to keep the score as high as possible if they want to secure the current sixth place in the table. Although the squad currently still have a five-point lead over their direct rivals Niederwenigern II, but with nine remaining points to be awarded, anything is still possible. Niederwenigern must still hold their own against FC Kray II, SV Isinger and TuS Holsterhausen in the last three games.

The Freisenbrucher have a mathematical chance to attack again, even upwards, but are dependent on the results of the competition. If Niederbonsfeld gets the maximum number of points, there is nothing more to do for the TC. With 50 points, the club is currently five points ahead of the Freisenbrucher team. With the SV Isinger, TuS Holsterhausen and also Haarzopf the remaining program of the Niederbonsfelder is not as hard as that of the TC.

In the first leg the trio went to TC Freisenbruch

When the two teams met in the first half, the team of head coach Peter Schäfer had the nose in front at the end. In the miners' bush Kevin Maskow met Colin Thomas (90th) for the landlords after a good half hour (31st) and in the final minute. In front of 160 spectators, the TC managed their seventh home win in a row. But what runs like a red thread through the season so far: On the road, the freisenbruchers rarely manage to build on the strong performances that the team regularly delivers in the Bergmannsbusch. After two weak games against FC Kray II (4-3 victory) and SV Isinger (3-0 defeat), head coach Peter Schäfer was much more satisfied with his performance against TuS Holsterhausen.

For hair plait, it's about the possible ascent

Nevertheless: The TC will not only be strongly challenged by the away situation. Even though SuS Haarzopf with a score of 58 points does not come close to 75 points of the Heidhausener team, the team trained by Andreas Höbusch has proved its strength throughout the season and deserves to be ranked runner-up.

With a four-point advantage over FSV Kettwig, who also plays well, the team cannot rest on their laurels, but will do everything in their power to defend second place in the table in the final phase - and to decide the runner-up championship as early as possible with good results. With a record of 18 wins, 4 draws and 5 defeats, the Haarzopfers still lack two more wins to get everything under control, regardless of how successful FSV Kettwig is in its final phase.

Decisive final phase: None of the teams can already sit back and relax

The TC Freisenbruch has it in his hands to secure sixth place in the table with corresponding results - even if this will certainly not be an easy task with the remaining games. For the hair victims it is also about a lot - more precisely about the vice-championship. It is therefore to be expected that both teams will not give each other anything this coming weekend, the 27th matchday of the Kreisliga Süd A, but will go into the game with full concentration.

Fighting spirit and the will to win will certainly be abundant when the two teams face each other on Sunday, 19.05.2019 at the Haarzopfer square. Kick-off of the meeting is at 15 o'clock.

  • 9. GTSV Essen
  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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