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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Head coach draws a conclusion

Head coach draws a conclusion

"We didn't just surrender to our destiny!"

The TC has to accept a 4-0 defeat against the potential runner-up, SuS Haarzopf, on the 28th matchday. While the first leg result - 2-0 victory of the Freisenbrucher in the Bergmannsbusch - gave the team of Peter Schäfer hope before the match, the Haarzopfer missed the Freisenbrucher ambitions on the domestic Haarzopfer lawn a clear damper and sent the troop home with 4-0.

Hello Peter, how big is the disappointment after the game?

There were games this season after which the disappointment was greater. You have to admit that Haarzopf was a strong opponent and we were just too harmless in front of the goal. We had good possibilities, but simply didn't use them.

What did you miss during the encounter? Did you expect more rebellion from your team or are you satisfied with the fighting performance of the team?

We had set ourselves the goal not to put down a mild summer kick and I think that's something we can't be accused of either. Even though the result was quite clear, we did not surrender to fate.

You made clear in advance that you will not go to Haarzopf to give away three points. Nevertheless: The hair sacrifices are not undeservedly on second place in the standings and that it would be difficult, was foreseeable. How hard does the team take the defeat against this background?

The guys have already foiled with the defeat, especially with the goals in half two and the penalties, but I didn't feel we had to call in a psychologist.

Now it's time next weekend against champions and promoted players Heidhausen. How do you tune your team after a clear defeat for the next difficult game?

We play in the bush, the clocks tick differently. The boys know that and will be motivated. Surely we are against becoming outsiders at home too, but last year we could also defeat them with 3-2 in the bush.

For all managers who could not watch live on site, you can describe the situation that led to the yellow/red map. How do you rate the decision?

Tim wanted to hit a cross in front of the goal which was blocked by the opponent with his hand. Then he complained. The referee said that he had seen the handball, but that it had been in front of his body. Tim saw yellow for the complaints, yellow-red for the subsequent waving. From my point of view, an absolutely unnecessary expulsion. Let everyone judge for themselves. But Tim had already broken his toe before and will be out for five weeks anyway. The dismissal will therefore have no influence on the next matches.

You changed yourself a quarter of an hour before the end. What does that say about the current squad situation that you had to step in again as a player?

That we had no more players. Even before the whistle we had to change our position. Heiko Basel (shin bruise) had to pass and Sven Winter moved up to the six.

At the risk that you won't answer, try to tickle something out of you: You are still four points ahead of your direct pursuer SF Niederwenigern. Will that be enough to keep rank six?

That's in our hands.

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