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Interview with the boss

Interview with the boss

The view goes up - despite a heavy remaining programme

Peter Schäfer cannot complain at the moment: With 12 out of 15 possible points, his Freisenbrucher can look back on successful weeks. Efficient scoring and a broad squad. The personnel concerns of the first half of the season do not seem to be an issue in recent weeks. And also the away node has finally burst.

Hello Peter! Congratulations on yesterday's victory against the Sportfreunde. After the game, you said yourself that it was actually an unchallenged victory in terms of football, but the result in the end was still close. At the end of the day, the three points are decisive. Would you have preferred a clearer result anyway or can you live with the outcome of the game as well?

We are happy about the three points, I have already emphasized that. Strictly speaking, that wasn't a very good game from us. As a team, you simply have to make the result clearer. The game was quite a bit distracted and not a soccer delicacy. But that's exactly what we expected and accepted. That's why we are very satisfied with this close victory.

You have to get a close result over the time, despite two goals scored and a penalty kick not to get down... Also such a game has to be won first. This is certainly also a quality that has to be there if you want to continue to orient yourself upwards, isn't it? How do you see it?

For me, it is crucial that we get the opponent back on by making a mistake ourselves. It happens to us too often and we have to stop it. In return, we certainly had a bit of bad luck with the tight offside decisions and the missed penalty, but I don't want to blame Tim Stränger or the referee. We actually have to play the game to zero, then this question wouldn't have come up in the first place. Haisam Issa has performed very well in training and in the game over the last three weeks, now he has shot a buck, but luckily it didn't cost us any points. I expect him to return to his performance of the last weeks on Tuesday and finish.

Satisfied with the result - there's still something to do in a playful way!

Peter Schäfer after the match against Sportfreunde

Were you thinking at any time that your team might give up winning again? After the connection hit maybe?

After the connection hit you are of course on voltage. We have kept the last changes for a long time, because it was unfortunately so long scarce. If the result is close, you have to be awake. That's what we expect from the players and then we have to be on the side line with everything and be attentive.

You showed your friends that you can use your chances effectively even though the first half was quite balanced. On paper, that ultimately provided for the three points. It seems as if the team is getting more and more into gear - just in time for the end of the season. Not only that you were finally victorious away from home, also the personnel worries seem to be overcome... is this only the impression from the outside or do you feel this also within the team at the mood?

At least for the first half I agree with you, we were effective. In the second half we missed the opportunity to achieve a significant result. The mood's good, still. And after a win anyway.

A victory is almost an obligation

Schäfer on the upcoming duel against Leithe

The top ten were shown as seasonal goals. At the moment you are clearly better placed with rank five. Even if you think from game to game, as you've said before, you won't be able to completely hide the table situation either. To stay as high up as possible, that's the goal you have in mind, or?

Of course, after the victory the guys immediately looked at the competition. That already shows that they want to continue climbing there. In the middle of the table, however, things are very tight and we have a difficult remaining programme. We still play against the complete upper half of the table and all top teams. If we want to establish ourselves further up the ladder, a victory in Leithe next week is almost obligatory. Leithe plays a great season and is the surprise team of the year for me. With three victories in a row we of course drive with a broad chest to Leithe.

  • 9. GTSV Essen
  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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