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"Put a scoop on it"

The head coach demands "commitment and will to win" from his team before the second half of the season.

Hi Peter! The second half of February has begun, so the first half of the second half is not far off. Let's first look back briefly.

It should be clear that the winter preparation did not run optimally due to the many game failures. But of course you took everything with you and trained regularly. Where do you stand after the weeks of preparation?

That will show on Sunday. We've been trying to make the most of the bush conditions. Unfortunately other clubs are much better positioned. We still want to win on Sunday in Burgaltendorf and if possible make a positive start to the second half of the season.

With the return of Zrian Abdulla you are now better occupied on the goalkeeper position than feared - at least for the training sessions. with Christian Brangenberg you have strengthened your midfield. Aiman Ibrahim has also been added at short notice. How satisfied are you with your transfer activities now for the second round?

We haven't lost a single player, but with Christian Brangenberg and Aiman Ibrahim we have gained two more players. So at least we have a broader base. That was a shortcoming in the first half of the season with all the injured. That's why I'm fundamentally satisfied. However, Zrian is banned, must be mentioned and will not be available to us for championship matches. Brangi and Aiman are eligible to play.

The opening game is against Burgaltendorf II. From the first leg you should still have good memories...where do you see the bigger challenge: In the opponent or in the fact that you have to run away?;-)

In Burgaltendorf we scored last season, so the away game is no excuse. I expect a strong opponent and we'll have to hang in there if we want to take anything with us.

Is the topic "home strength - away weakness" so present within the team at all, or doesn't it matter to you at all?

It doesn't matter to me, only in the interviews. We just have to win some away games, then it's done. This prospect alone should be motivation enough for every player to put on a scoop on Sunday than usual.

What do you expect from your team on Sunday, what do you put on at the start of the second half of the season?

Ensertion and will to win! One more goal than the opponent. Alternatively one goal less.

  • 9. GTSV Essen
  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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