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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Setback for the TC

Setback for the TC

Another away bankruptcy: Freisenbrucher lose duel against Niederwenigern 3-1

The hope for the first away win was high: After the Freisnebrucher troops presented themselves well on the last matchday against Niederbonsfeld with a 4-1 victory for their own performance rewarded us appropriately, nurtured before the game against Niederwenigern II the hope to finally be able to drive in the first three away.

Wundertüte: For the TC Freisenbruch no threesome jumps out

The Freisenbrucher met everything but a weak opponent with the Hattinger, but nevertheless chief coach Peter Schäfer relied on the fact that his team would be able to call their own performance. "The journey is too far to not want to win," he announced in advance of the game.

A bad start into the game for the Freisenbrucher

In stormy weather the two teams entered the Hattinger artificial turf pitch on Sunday afternoon. A rare sight in this season: The substitutes' bench of the Freisenbrucher was packed with seven substitutes. A good sign for the game?

That's what you should think...But on the court it didn't go as planned. After only six minutes, the Hattingers put a damper on the ambitions of the guests who came from the east of Essen: The player with the number 19, Henrik Eggemann, achieved the early lead for his team. 1-0 for the landlords, early backlog for the TC. That was to be put away now, after one had imagined so completely something else.

However, this was not really possible. Although it was a fairly open game with chances on both sides, the TC offensive didn't finish the game consistently enough. Niederwenigern II managed to defend his narrow lead.

The Hattingers then punished the guests' lack of penetrating power even before the halftime whistle: Nico Serrano-Nieto increased the score to 2-0 for the home team a good ten minutes before the break and thus gave the breakers another blow.

With an intermediate score of 2-0 for the home team, the half time break began. Both coaches made a change at the whistle. The Freisenbrucher coach team reacted to the lag: Heiko Basel came into the game for Marvin Schadhof (46.).

Half-time break doesn't bring the hoped-for boost

However, even after the break the Freisenbrucher could play out some chances, really dangerous it became, however, only rarely before the opposing goal. And also Niederwenigern did not lean back in spite of the two-goal lead and remained permanently on it, so that also in the sixteenth of the Freisenbrucher it came again and again to dicey situations.

After 65 minutes had already been played, Schäfer brought a new offensive power with Joel Feld. For Feld Colin Thomas left the field. With Sami Antonio he made another change only a little later. For Kevin Maskow the game ended after 70 minutes. The offensive changes should provide fresh wind in the offensive of the Freisenbrucher again: There was still enough time to achieve the follow-up goal - and then of course it could get really exciting to the back again.

Short glimmer of hope: Hattinger leave the TC no chance in the end

And indeed: In the 88th minute of play, the Freisenbrucher scored the following goal to the 2-1. Oliver Machon scored for his team (88th). Now, there could have been a lot of movement in the game, even if the connection had fallen very late, of course, so still two minutes of regular playing time and stoppage time remained. And it is well known that a good attack is sufficient to achieve the redeeming goal.

Before the Freisenbrucher could only hope at all, the Hattinger scored their third goal in the immediate countermove and restored the two-goal lead. So the home team closed the bag, there was nothing left for the TC to get here.

Now it's "Wipe your mouth, move on!"

With the final whistle, he was then over, the dream of the first away threesome and the hope to be able to continue the success of the last matchday seamlessly. The Freisenbrucher must now put up with this defeat. The team of trainers around Elosgé and Schäfer will certainly be in demand here to rebuild and motivate the team.

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