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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Sovereign victory!

Sovereign victory!

TC Freisenbruch sends Teutonia home with 4-0

Although the weather was not very good for the ash field in the Bergmannsbusch already in the last few days with all the rain, the restrictions in the training and play operations were limited so far. On today's match day the heavy rainfalls demanded a lot from the two teams on the ashes, though.

The hosts from Freisenbruch welcomed the guests from Teutonia Überruhr to the duel on the 20th matchday. Despite the unstable weather, around 100 spectators found their way into the bush to actively support the troops on the pitch. The next win should be here - it would be the tenth home win in a row. What a series!

A match at eye level was expected, but it quickly became clear that the host had no ambitions whatsoever to give up his scepter in his own stadium. In spite of the hard to play course the Freisenbrucher tried to let the ball run in the own rows and to play out goal possibilities. The combination of offensive and defensive fit, many balls could be intercepted early or recaptured through consistent duel behaviour.

Freisenbruch comes into play well

The clock showed the 14th minute of play when the referee on the corner ball decides for the TC. A precisely brought in corner ball from the right gave the TC the early lead: Jörn Parakenings had already waited for the input at the five-meter room. There he extended the ball with his head, doing nothing for the opposing keeper! 1-0 Freisenbruch, one start made to measure!

Then it became uncomfortable in the bush, the rains became hail at times, so referee Fabian Slomka interrupted the match for a few minutes. And also the space conditions became increasingly worse, in many places there were already big puddles at the end of the first half. But after the big hail had ended, the water had enough time in the half-time break to run off at least partially. The game could go on.

Thus both teams came out of their booths again after the break, with an intermediate score of 1:0 the referee whistled the game back in after the half time.

Resting was out of the question for the freisenbrucher, however, the narrow one-goal lead was much too narrow. But again the Freisenbrucher had a good start: Less than ten minutes were played, then Alexander Zang provided for the next Freisenbrucher goal. After a good pass, the man with the number 14, standing free on the sixteenth, pocketed the ball with his eye in the long corner between the opposing posts (54th). Cheers from the Freisenbrucher. With the 2-0 shortly after restart the trio moved closer and closer in sight.

Team of coaches shows lucky hand at changes

Shortly afterwards the trainer team decided to make the first change. For Colin Thomas, goal scorer Jörn Parakenings left the field (63). Ten minutes later the TC with Sami Antonio brought the next fresh offensive strength. For him, Joel Feld vacated his position (73.).

And not for the first time this season, the team of trainers around Schäfer and Elosgé proved a lucky hand: In the 84th minute Christian Brangenberg brought a short, half-high cross after a remarkable dribbling from the right outside on Thomas waiting at the five-meter space. He extended the ball with his toes and made it untenable for the once again unchallenged Teutonia goalkeeper (84.). On St. Patrick's Day, Ireland's national holiday, Ireland officially entered its name on the list of successful goal scorers among the Freisenbrucher.

With the replacement of Maurice Peus, who was replaced by Heiko Basel, Schäfer then completely exhausted his exchange quota shortly before the end (86.). But the game was not over yet, despite a comfortable lead, the TC continued to play forward and gained more goal opportunities. With the final minute, Sami Antonio also did not miss the chance to be on the scorer's list at the last second. After a respectable solo, where he profited from his speed, he finished flat into the long corner and increased the Freisenbrucher lead. With the final score of 4-0, the referee whistled the match off.

"Overall we can be very satisfied. The victory was deserved all around and also in the height very sovereign", so the balance of head coach Peter Schäfer after Spielabpfiff.

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