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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Team proves morale

Team proves morale

Freisenbruch fights for a draw in the miners' bush

After head coach Peter Schäfer's team was trailing third in the standings against FSV Kettwig for a long time, the pack of wolves finally managed the deserved equalizer to 2-2 on their home ashes. The TC had to struggle with eleven retirements, which is why the substitutes' bench was only sparsely occupied. Jörn Parakenings had to give in at short notice due to illness, and Colin Thomas took over the starting eleven for him. And also Aiman Ibrahim could not run up, his successor Sami Antonio also dropped out. Therefore, the coaching team decided to use Sven Winter on his unusual midfield position, but he did well there.

The FSV Kettwig got a strong start into the game. "The first few minutes the Kettwiger really put pressure. They were there immediately after the kickoff," reports Schäfer. Consequently, the Kettwiger team also took the lead. The FSV offensive leveraged the Freisenbrucher defensive chain with a ball to the top, two Kettwiger attackers ran freely towards Keeper Issa and gave the goalkeeper of the TC no chance. The Kettwiger striker with the number 16, Serkan Erdogan only had to push in after his team mate had put the ball across him in the sixteenth (7.).

Good first half, but no equaliser before the break

Despite the early deficit, the Freisenbrucher came increasingly better into the game and showed a respectable performance against the table third. "In my opinion, we were the stronger team, especially in the first half. We had to register clearly more goal chances and have put also footballerisch a stronger appearance. A balance at half time would have been very deserved", says head coach Schäfer.

The goal that was disallowed was annoying from the Freisenbrucher's point of view, when the referee decided to whistle a foul for the TC instead of letting the advantage of the hosts run. Thomas had the opportunity to equalise several times with his remarkable batten goal and the situation in which he single-handedly ran towards the opponent's goalkeeper. But despite the superiority of the game, the Kettwiger took their 1-0 into the half-time break.

Second half: TC does not give up and creates the balance

In the second half the match was more balanced than before the break. "Both teams performed well in the second half. That was really good and I think the match was really interesting for the spectators as well. Sure, in the bush on the ashes it is always difficult to play, so we see many long balls and duels here. But both teams didn't give each other anything here. Nevertheless, I also see a minimal advantage on our side in the second half," Schäfer commented on the match.

Despite this performance and chance superiority, the Freisenbrucher have to accept the second goal shortly after the restart. After the TC-Defensive does not succeed to play a high ball in the middle before the sixteen consistently, the Kettwiger offensive man sets his opponent well in scene, which can close unhindered from a few meters. After 57 minutes, the FSV takes a 2-0 lead with a goal from Constantin Paul.

The 2-0 gap has not reflected the performance

Shepherd to the Kettwiger leadership

However, even after the renewed setback it was noticeable: The Freisenbrucher did not give up yet. Not only head coach Schäfer saw that nothing had been decided yet and his team showed a good performance, but also the team on the pitch seemed to notice that definitely more was in it.

In the 71st minute of the game, the following goal was finally scored. The uncertainty of a defensive man from Kettwig was exploited by the breakaway players to score 2-1: A precisely put through ball into the point Tim Stränger, who transformed sovereign and the opposing goalkeeper no chance left (71.) let again a real jerk go through the troop. now the Freisenbrucher blood had licked, at least for a point division it should be enough.

And ten minutes later the freisenbrucher number 14, Alexander Zang, provided the necessary compensation with a shot from the height of the sixteen (81st). Shortly before the end, Steve Feind even had the chance to score the 3-2 with a header and thus the possible threesome for his team, but he set the ball to the aluminium. The trainer duo refrained from changing formation or substitutions. "Beside the fact that we were unfortunately again thinly occupied and could not necessarily from the full creativity, the boys on the place did their thing consistently well. At the end of the match we had another real jolt through the team, so we didn't see any reason to break up the working formation."

The way we performed was crucial!

Peter Shepherd

"You have to keep your head up against an opponent against whom you have collected an 8-0 in the first leg and then fall 2-0 behind again. From a performance point of view there might even have been more to it than just a point sharing. But not to give up in such a game is a great performance, which the guys showed there. Especially for that I would like to express a big praise to the team" the head coach shows himself satisfied with the fighting spirit and attitude of his team.

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