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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
That was a difficult birth!

That was a difficult birth!


For the match against FC Kray II, coach Peter Schäfer had written two wishes on his notepad. The high defeat from the first leg should be forgotten after the game and the home series without failure should continue to exist.

Both wishes of Peter Schäfer came true. Nevertheless, the 133 spectators saw numerous goals again. In the first leg there were a proud 15 pieces, ten for FC Kray and five for TC Freisenbruch. This time the TC scored four and the guest from Kray three.

The fortress stands

"That was a very difficult birth. FC Kray played very unconventionally. Our team couldn't cope with that. But luckily it worked out anyway", co-trainer Ingo Elosge fell a stone from the heart after the game.

And shoved cheering after: "The fortress is standing!"

The online managers changed the team to two positions in comparison to the draw against the runner-up from Kettwig. Denis Schwager returned to the starting eleven for Christian Brangenberg.

Seven goals in 90 minutes

After just three minutes, Colin Thomas opened the scoring with his tenth goal of the season and shot the host into the lead.

Only twenty minutes later, Tim Stränger (8th goals overall) scored the first of his two goals this matchday after a respectable combination.

In the 28th minute FC Kray, after an unfortunate foul at the edge of the penalty area, was able to net a penalty kick for the following goal. "The penalty kick was justified," Ingo Elosge showed himself to be contrite. "The Kray attacker first dribbled out Sven Winter and then Daniel Heising. Daniel only hits the leg instead of the ball."

After the change of sides Maurice Peus and Tim Stränger could raise the score to 4:1, but FC Kray didn't put up and scored two more goals with a double pack from Geoffrey Reich.

With seven goals, the 133 paying spectators again saw a game that was well above the league average of 4.3 goals per game.

Freisenbruchs on-line manager Hotdog was pleased in on-line forum of the TC about the victory, but was not content with the achievement of the crew: Also a dirty and scarce victory - is a victory. But next week in the derby against Isinger the guys definitely have to improve!"

On home ground the TC Freisenbruch could celebrate the 37th point in the thirteenth game. And is on a solid sixth place in the table. The FC Kray continues to fight for class retention in the Kreisliga A.

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  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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