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Threes in a bag!

Threes in a bag!

Home victory for the TC: 2-1 victory against the Sportfreunde im Busch

The Freisenbrucher send the sports friends of VfL 07 home on the 22nd matchday with a narrow 2-1 victory. Home series extended, four of the last five games victoriously contested - a balance that can be proud of. And of course has a positive effect on the Freisenbrucher table situation.

The game in the bush: TCF vs. VfL 07

In front of about 100 spectators referee Karsten Höll whistled the game on time at 11:00 am. The Freisenbrucher had no short-term failures to complain about. The team ran up according to the decision of the online manager with Issa in the goal and Brangenberg, enemy, Heising and brother-in-law in the chain of four. Also in the starting eleven were Schadhof, Zang, Feld and Peus, as well as Parakenings and Stränger. The bench of the Freisenbrucher was also heavily occupied again, so that the team of trainers around Schäfer and Elosgé could also draw on the full resources of the team during the changes.

Both teams were scanning each other in the beginning minutes. The first minutes of the game were rather unspectacular except for the yellow card for Jörn Parakenings (13th). "The first half was, in my opinion, quite balanced from a playful point of view. But we made better use of our chances", Schäfer said after the game.

The game in the bush didn't last half an hour when Tim Stränger brought his team into the lead 1-0. Only three minutes later Jörn Parakenings took the 2-0 lead for the TC. As balanced as the game had been until then, the more important it turned out to be for the team from the Bergmannsbusch that they then used their chances so consistently and could go into the break with a two-goal lead.

Absolutely deserved victory!

Shepherd after the game

"In the second half we could have taken a higher lead. There were two tight situations where the referee denied us the goals and decided offside. Those were both times tight things," said Schäfer.

In addition, Tim Stränger could not convert a penalty shot for the TC after referee Höll had rightfully pointed to the point after a penalty area scene in the sixteenth of the Sportfreunde.

After Cristian Brangenberg had won the second yellow card for the Freisenbrucher team in the 62nd minute of the game, a good ten minutes later (73rd), a follow-up goal was scored for the visitors after an unfortunate action by the Freisenbrucher team. "We definitely have our share of the match. We didn't necessarily have to catch him," Schäfer relativizes. For the opponent of the TC, the 07 player with the number eight scored on the jersey Tobias Totzek.

With only 24 goals scored, Sportfreunde are the safest team in the league - and even on this matchday they should not be able to score another goal beyond the follow-up goal.

Finally: Three victorious games in a row

Schäfer and Elosgé decided to make the tactical changes at the end of the game due to the tight score. So the first change took place in the 77th minute of play: Scorer Parakenings left the field for Colin Thomas. Ten minutes later (87th) Alexander Zang cleared the field for Heiko Basel and in the last regular minute Aiman Ibrahim was playing for Joel Feld (90th).

"Actually the victory could have been higher. But the goal scored by the opponent was a tight score until the end. So in the end we were all happy when the whistle was blown and we had the three points safely in our pockets," Schäfer commented on the third Freisenbrucher victory in a row.

Strong track record in recent weeks: jump to fifth place

With a strong score of 12 points from five games, the TC Freisenbruch manage to jump back to fifth place after the 22nd matchday for the first time since the first matchday. With 38 points, the wolf pack is now even on a par with the SuS Niederbonsfeld team, which currently occupy fourth place in the table due to their better goal ratio, but suffered a defeat on today's matchday. Also at SV Leithe, which was handled by table leader Werden Heidhausen on today's match day with a 6-0 scuffle, the Freisenbrucher could pass by by their success. This coming weekend they will also have the chance to set themselves apart from the direct competition in a direct duel against Leithe.

  • 9. GTSV Essen
  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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