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TC Freisenbruch von 1902 e.V.
Victory! Victory! Victory!

Victory! Victory! Victory!

Relief with TC: Clear 4-1 success against Niederbonsfeld

After the disillusionment not only with the team, but also in the coach team was large after the disappointing defeat against Burgaltendorf at the beginning of the year last weekend, the wolf pack in the bush showed an appropriate reaction: With bright sunshine and early summer temperatures the Freisenbrucher team presented itself on the domestic ashes clearly stronger than still last. As demanded in advance by head coach Peter Schäfer, the Greens finally showed their commitment and will to win again.

Not only against the background that the team made amends for its weak last appearance against Niederbonsfeld, but also because the victory 4-1 can be classified as a clear success against a strong opponent from the upper third of the table, the waves at the TC Freisenbruch should now be somewhat smoothed out again.

The Freisenbrucher were trailing for a long time (at first well deserved): Already in the sixth minute of play the guests from Hattingen scored the remarkable leading goal to 0-1. The player with the Bonsfeld player with the number eight on his jersey, Falk Bachmann, provided the early lead for his team. With a strong Lupfer and a just as strong conclusion Niederbonsfeld first lifted the Freisenbrucher defense and then left TC Keeper Issa no chance. 0-1 behind after only six minutes. A very bad start for the TC.

"Niederbonsfeld would have had the chance to take a clearer lead at the beginning of the game. We had a little luck with that. But I have to praise the boys a lot today. They fought their way into the game, and ultimately the success was well deserved," said head coach Peter Schäfer after the game.

The Freisenbrucher could not be lowered by the backlog and played their own goal chances bit by bit. Shortly before the halftime whistle they were rewarded for their efforts. Maurice Peus scored after passing goals to 1-1 equalization (43.). With a corresponding boost of motivation, the TC went into the half-time break. With the 1-1, the initial condition was restored, with the whistle at the second half, both teams started into a completely open game.

Game shot: Freisenbrucher use their chance

The coaching team brought Heiko Basel into the game at half time for newcomer Christian Brangenberg. With a breath of fresh air from the bench, the TC managed to transport the equalizer's upswing into the second half of the game and quickly add the second goal. Sami Antonio went after a beautiful pass alone into the opponent's penalty area and prevailed at high speed against the Bonsfelder defense, before he pushed the ball past the opponent's goalkeeper to 2-1 (55.) Thus he underpinned the ambitions of the Freisenbrucher to land a threesome in the home Bergmannsbusch.

For the first time the wolf pack was in the lead. And the team should not let this be taken away in the further course of the game: Only a few minutes after the leading goal, the visitors were in trouble themselves after a short kick through inaccurate passes. The Freisenbrucher attackers exerted additional pressure, so that Niederbonsfeld could solve the situation only by a foul play. Referee Kai Henkies pointed in the penalty area to the penalty spot. penalty shot for the TC, the opportunity to add 3-1. The shot was fired by Marvin Schadhof. And once again the experienced 30-year-old proved that he is able to keep a cool head in such situations. He pocketed the ball in the top left corner and scored the third Freisenbrucher goal of the matchday.

However, there was still just under half an hour to play, despite the two-goal lead, the SuS Niederbonsfeld did not let up and was not yet defeated. But the team of coach Stefan Kronen could no longer endanger the Freisenbrucher victory. Steve Feind finally closed the bag when he scored the 4-1 after a long high ball from midfield.

Four goals, four scorers. But also Tim Stränger should not remain unmentioned today, who did not only get the penalty kick through consistent pressing, but was also involved in two goal preparations.

The TC Freisenbruch remains unbeaten at home. Jörn Parakenings and Heiko Basel pick up their fifth yellow card in the duel against Niederbonsfeld and are therefore suspended for the next ten days. Due to the upcoming break over the carnival weekend this has no effect on the Freisenbrucher squad planning. The TC will certainly use the coming week off to prepare for the difficult duel against Niederwenigern II, in which the wolf pack will have to go away again.

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