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Want a rematch?

Want a rematch?

First leg between FC Kray II and TC ended in goal-packed TC defeat

The Easter holidays brought a weekend without games for the teams from the South A district league. But hardly any team will have done without training - not at this point in the season. Six match days before the season finale, no team will want to get out of step. The upcoming match is the 25th they will play this season for both TC Freisenbruch and FC Kray's second representative. There are only 18 points left to award, there is still a lot possible, but every loss of points seems to weigh twice as heavy, if it is still so close between the teams.

Against Kray the TC still has something to make up for

With this in mind, it can hardly be wrong that the Freisenbrucher squad will certainly still be a little bit pikst from the first leg result. 10-5 in October 2018 the wolf pack had to admit defeat to the Krayers on an external course. The result of the game did not sound like football: With 10-5 the Krayer sent the team home from the Bergmannsbusch. Colin Thomas alone scored three goals for the TC, but it wasn't even enough to split the points. The substitute Bless Dueh Ngwa (68th, 83rd, 90th) also scored three times on Krayer's side, Enrico Hoffmann (13th, 29th, 58th, 70th) even scored four times on the scorer's list in the match report.

The game gave the spectators an exchange of blows as it is written in the book. With 15 goals scored, the encounter is expected to take first place in the league statistics. No other match in the current season has seen more goals scored. With 4.66 goals per game, the league average is significantly lower.

Head coach Peter Schäfer identified a lack of defensive performance and in particular the mass of individual mistakes and gross failures as decisive for the course of the game and the final defeat. "We still have something to do against Kray", Schäfer announced already.

FC Kray II: Fever curve goes down steeply

While the Freisenbrucher with the partial success against FSV Kettwig had to let their winning streak in the bush, the team is still more or less satisfied with the points of the last weeks. While they opened the year in February with a defeat in Burgaltendorf (4-1), it was already much better against Niederbonsfeld when the team coached by Peter Schäfer and Ingo Elosgé won the first threesome in 2019 (4-1).

March brought three wins in a row in addition to a defeat against Niederwenigern (3-1) and brought the TC the first triple pack in an away match (4-0 against Überruhr, 1-3 against Mintard, 2-1 SF Essen). Against the SV Leithe it ran then again from Freisenbrucher view less successful. against the surprise team of the league the Freisenbrucher did not come over a 4-1 defeat.

After winning points against Kettwig, the TC currently occupies sixth place in the table. There are currently 39 counters in your own points account.

The last weeks look less rosy at FC Kray: Already for nine games the Krayer have been waiting for a threesome. The team of coaches Zabinski, Bumbullies and Rosbach occupied a strong seventh place in the table on the 16th matchday and then went steeply downhill for the second representation of FC Kray. With only two draws from the last nine games, to which seven defeats are added, the team slipped to twelfth place in the standings. With 26 points, the gap to SV Isinger, who currently occupies the relegation place with 17 points, is still quite large, but the team should get the curve as soon as possible, it wants to spare itself a nerve-racking final phase.

Get out of the table cellar vs. stay on top: TCF - FC Kray II

Whether the two teams could use the match-free weekend to prepare not only for the upcoming match against each other, but also for the final sprint of the season as a whole will be revealed. While for FC Kray it's all about finally breaking through the negative series and increasing three points in order to keep out of the relegation battle, for TC Freisenbruch it's all about continuing to mix in the upper midfield of the table through a three-point success and not losing the connection to the top after a defeat and a draw.

The match between FC Kray II and TC Freisenbruch will take place on Sunday, April 28 at 11am at the Waldstadion Bergmannsbusch.

  • 9. GTSV Essen
  • 10. ESG 99/06
  • 11. TC Freisenbruch
  • 12. 84/10 Bergeborbeck
  • 13. SG Schönebeck
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