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"We're on target!"

Part 3 - The first round 2018: Chefcoach Schäfer on the current season

After the end of the first half of the season, the TC started the second half of the current season with the match against Fortuna Bredeney. However, the start of the second half of the season also heralded the start of the winter break for the current season. The Freisenbrucher first had to be content with a 4-4 draw, before in mid-February they again had the chance to win their first away match of the season against Burgaltendorf II. The goal-rich encounter against Fortuna did not bring the long-awaited salvation: the Freisenbrucher are still waiting for their first away-three. So far, it has only been enough to divide the points into two on external courses.

However, the team presented itself even stronger in the Bergmannsbusch so far. Chief coach Peter Schäfer's team did not leave a single point in their own stadium. The team won one victory after the other. The home strength has so far turned out to be the absolute success capital of the Freisenbrucher, from which also the current placement on the sixth table rank results.

Let's take a look at your last match against Fortuna Bredeney: How annoying is the result against the background that the outward node should finally burst?

Of course it is always annoying if you score a goal in injury time and lose points as a result. We lost the points in Bredeney in the early stages, though.

You have prepared yourself extensively for the current season in summer, among other things you went to the training camp in Norden. How comprehensive does your winter preparation programme look like?

As in every year, we have to be very flexible in the miners' bush and look at what is possible due to the weather.

Now that a good half of the possible points have been awarded, is it a good idea to start the winter break with a first summary? What is your conclusion about the first half of the season?

Despite the big injury pitch, we are still on target. That's why we're not dissatisfied. But we have to improve in the second half of the season away from home.

How satisfied are you with the way your team has presented itself in previous games so far? Soccer as well as the fighting spirit and the will of the team?

Fighting spirit and commitment are always there. Soccer-wise, we've got to get back on track. But if you see how we were nominally positioned over long stretches of the first round, then you probably shouldn't expect any big jumps.

What were your weaknesses in the previous season?

The away games and injury pitch.

The conditions in the bush have often ruined the plans of recent years!

Peter Shepherd
In den Wintermonaten ist die Asche im Bergmannsbusch häufig unbespielbar

How concrete have you already planned what you will work on with your team now?

Concretely we have some plans, but what you can actually do in the end was a lottery in the bush in recent years.

At times you had to fight with big personnel worries in the first round. Are reinforcements planned for the winter break or will the current squad also be the one with which you will play the second half of the season?

Zrian Abdulla has moved to Prussia Eiberg. Christian Brangenberg was engaged by SV Isinger. A new goalkeeper should come.

Now for the better: What have you done especially well so far, what do you think you should build on in the coming year?

Definitely the cohesion, identification, and atmosphere in the troop.

The ashes in the bush are to our advantage!

Peter Shepherd

What parallels do you see regarding your home strength and away weakness to the previous season and how do you justify them?

Actually, the balance for the past season is almost exactly congruent. We play on a different surface than most other clubs, so it's obvious that you enjoy an advantage at home and have to change every time you go away.

How much does the atmosphere and the conditions in the Bergmannsbusch contribute to your strength at home? What makes the Waldstadion special for you?

The plant is just very special, with many peculiarities. I feel very comfortable there, although the ashes and also the building are of course not nearly up-to-date anymore.

However, you still want to switch to an artificial turf pitch. Wouldn't that be recorded with both a laughing and a crying eye in many people?

Of course, but you have to be so realistic and see that the club in the bush more and more reaches its limits.

However, you definitely think that this endeavour is the right way to go if you plan and think future-oriented?


In summer you had to accept a few departures, but you have also strengthened yourself with new arrivals. In addition to Dominik Ludat and Dennis Schwager, Björn Förster and Sami Antonio have also joined the team. How fast did the team find each other in the current season?

Dominik Ludat only joined the team in the first half of the season and has now been missing for some time due to injury. It's a kind of winter newcomer. The other guys were actually all very quickly integrated, even through the training camp.

How good do you think the new entries are? Or does one or the other still need a little time to be able to call up their full potential?

Sami practically smashed in like a bomb. He played very well, especially at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately he couldn't keep the level constant yet, but he just turned 19 and I think that's a bit normal with such young players. I'm sure we'll have a lot more fun with him. Björn Förster and Dennis Schwager were unfortunately both injured again and again, but you could see that both of them strengthen us if they can stand healthy on the court.

Die vier Freisenbrucher Neuzugänge: Sami Antonio, Björn Förster, Dennis Schwager und Dominik Ludat

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